Handyside Viticulture

Handyside Viticulture operates from the heart of Victoria – the beautiful Macedon Ranges – and its reach extends around Australia.

We are experts in viticultural consulting and vineyard management.

Over twenty years’ experience in the wine industry means we provide genuinely specialist knowledge, advice, and hands-on assistance every step of the way for every vineyard owner.

We are passionate about helping you grow the best quality grapes and creating wine that truly reflects the soul of its origin.

Handyside Viticulture Services

Vineyard Redevelopment

Handyside Viticulture has successfully redeveloped vineyards into producing super-premium quality fruit. We take into consideration the entire ecosystem of your vineyard; nurturing the soil and protecting the environment for generations to come.

We specialise in:


Vineyard Establishment

We know the foundation of any successful venture is critical. At Handyside Viticulture, we assist new vineyard owners in planning every detail from site selection to trellis design.

We can help to determine:


Viticulture Management?

If your vineyard is established but fine-tuning is needed, Handyside Viticulture can help your vineyard reach its maximum potential. We come to you and develop a vineyard management plan that suits you and your business. We provide skilled and experienced advice to help ensure your vineyard can grow in reputation, revenue and, ultimately, be a long-term success.

As experts in Viticulture, we can help you achieve your dreams and exceed them. Let’s make an appointment today.

Tailored advice

to your vineyard

Wine grapes are fickle! We must make decisions at the right time to ensure precise canopy management. Even the slightest fluctuation in temperature can produce significant changes in the grapes’ composition and quality, which naturally carries through to the wine. We can suggest and implement strategies unique to your vineyard’s microclimate to maximise your fruit quality.

Grow your reputation and create exceptional wine.

Handyside Viticulture operates from the heart of Victoria - the beautiful Macedon Ranges - and its reach extends around Australia.

Tom Handyside worked with us at Best's Wines Pty Ltd, Great Western for an extended vintage in the late 1990s. During that time he became a valuable member of our staff and was exposed to a wide range of vintage experiences and ongoing winery procedures which he would find invaluable in his future career in the wine industry.
E V Thomson